XYTRIUM LIFE B.V. is a dedicated team with a focus on developing innovative and sustainable solutions to our customer’s needs. Our primary goal is to achieve optimal health and performance through healthy animal nutrition and feed additives and it is this goal which has created success and exceeded our customers’ expectations. 

With our production facilities in EU, we are able to produce high quality products for global distribution. Our products cover solutions for mycotoxin risk management, natural and phytogenic compounds to boost performance and growth, natural protein and amino acid alternatives and a range of other products which provide specific solutions to an array of issues producers face.  

XYTRIUM LIFE B.V. is committed to:

  1. It’s customers. We ensure efficient services and prompt deliveries
  2. It’s responsibility to animal health and the environment
  3. It’s team. We believe that a positive and focused company leads to greater innovation and improved service.

Quality Policy

We believe in robust quality management system. We ensure this by continuous assessment of our raw materials suppliers which includes the production, handling and transport process of our raw materials by applying HACCP and GMP systems. We work only with reliable suppliers who comply to reliable and reputable quality standards such as FAMI-QS, GMP+. Furthermore, our quality management system ensures traceability which covers the whole supply chain starting with raw material supply to finished products supply to our customers. By continuous improvement within our production facility and using state of the art production process we ensure a clean and safe environment in accordance with GMP and HACCP concept to fulfil high requirements of our customers.


Our mission is to supply pharmaceuticals and feed additives with superior quality and as a participant in the food chain, we take our responsibility seriously to both our products – ensuring a consistent, quality product – as well as to the environment by actively sourcing renewable raw materials where possible.

In addition, we recognize  that our customers and suppliers are partners. Quality relationships are paramount and this is evident by our history of long-term, loyal and productive partnerships with both our distributors and suppliers.