Is a special product that Increases the digestibility and availability of phytate-bound phosphorus in the diet of monogastric animals.

Features and Benefits

»   High quality heat  stable, ideal for pelleting

»  90 % survival rate of TN  PHYTASE  during pelleting temperature of 90°C

»  Reduces inorganic phosphate excretion thus helping alleviate environmental problems in intensive farming

»  Increases bioavailability of calcium, zinc, copper,

»  Increases protein and amino acid digestibility as well as energy availability magnesium and other essential  minerals

»  Lowers feed costs without loss of performance

»  Advanced coating technology produces uniform granules with ease of flow

Chemical properties

TN PHYTASE is a 3-phytase product derived from Aspergillus niger. It is a high quality phytase with strong enzyme activity and superior efficacy in vivo.

It acts by catalyzing the hydrolysis of phytic acid – an indigestible, organic form of phosphorus that is found in grains and oily seeds – and releases a usable form of inorganic phosphorus resulting in an increase in availability of phosphorus in poultry and swine feed. Supplementation with TN PHYTASE allows a reduction of inorganic phosphate inclusion by 50% or more whilst still maintaining animal  performance similar  to   that   observed with   traditional  phosphate  supplemented feeds.  Consequently, incorporating TN PHYTASE in to the diet enhances nutrient digestibility, improves phosphorus retention, and lowers phosphorus excretion.

Dosage recommendation for TN-PHYTASE 10,000

SpeciesGr/MT of complete feedPercent of DCP to be replaced
Egg Duck4050-75
Meat Duck5050-75


10 and 25 Kg bags.

Shelf Life:

24 months